Friday, June 28, 2013


"Thank Goodness I'm Focused."  :)

Yesterday's Calories:
Daily calorie budget: 1700
Calories In: 1819
Calories Out: 1001

As I stated last night, I had a great workout yesterday with Rudy. I was on fire.
One of the things I didn't tell you though was about a look I got from a fellow gym-goer.

The gym I go to is just personal training. Most of the time it's just my trainer and I or there may be 2-3 other trainers with their clients.  Last night it was my trainer and I along with one other trainer and her client.

Before I left for the gym, I said to my husband "watch, Rudy is going to start my workout with slams  using that stinkin' ball...again!"  Hubs just laughed.  (I get to workout with Rudy once a week and the last 2-3 workouts have all started with slams using the 20 pound medicine ball.)
I arrived at the gym a half hour before my workout so I could get my cardio in.  I usually like doing cardio last but my appointment was late and I wanted to make sure I got it in.  Normally though, I would do it after my workout with Rudy because he kills me.  I'm always exhausted but ready to fight when he's done with me.  It's all good. 

Anyway, Rudy comes over to the arc trainer to get me. He has that "evil grin" on his face. I tell him I'm not afraid of him (I was shaking inside! -again, it's all good).  We walk over to the weight area and what does he pull out?  "REALLY, RUDY!"  I laughed and told him I knew he was going to start with that darn thing.  

He laughed right along with me but didn't make me do slams. He had me press the ball against the wall and raise it up along the wall while doing squats. Not too bad. Then we moved along to the next exercise and I was happy to be done with the...oh, wait!  I completed the second exercise and then out comes the ball again...for slams this time.  

I took that thing, pulled it over my head and slammed it so hard it bounced back to just above my knee. We were both shocked.  What got me though was the look on the other guy's face. That made my day. I could tell he was impressed (surprised, even) that I could do that. Not me. I've been working on slams for months.  The first time I did them with this ball, it would just fall flat on the ground and I would have to "chase" it to pick it up (a 20 pound ball doesn't go too far).   Now I don't have to chase the sucker - it bounces right back up for me. Why?  Because I am strong. 

Today's Calories:
Budget: 1700
In: 1486

A Little under is always good.  Didn't do a workout today. Was planning on getting some cardio in but that never happened. 

This weekend is going to be busy with bathroom stuff and running around with the kids. Tomorrow, the plumber should arrive to finally finish up what he was supposed to do on Tuesday. Once he's out, we can start finishing up some stuff to get ready to hang drywall and the hardibacker board for the tiles.   The tiles won't be in until Wednesday of next week so we have plenty of time for prepping everything else. 

I do plan on taking the boys strawberry and cherry picking tomorrow.  Just need to get up really early to beat the crowds.  Wish us all luck with that one! I am not a morning person.  

I will get at least a walk in tomorrow as well.  I did tell my eldest that I would like us to start running in the backyard. He needs to work on his hustle for baseball and I think it would be good for us to exercise together.  I'll let you know how that one goes. 

Until then, have a happy and healthy weekend! 


  1. It sounds like you are having a blast Jenn! Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Hi Jenn! You are rocking that gym. And you're probably making your trainer super happy because they are thrilled when they clients make progress and are eager to try to do their best. And you do that. :D

    :-) Marion