Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm still here.
Feeling a little better but still not 100% myself. I really hate this feeling. Can't wait to shake-it-off for good!

I've been thinking a lot about protein lately. How much is too much? How much do I really need? My former trainer was all about pushing the protein. "Make sure you have a high-protein meal after working out", that sort of thing. My new trainer has a different philosophy all together. She's sited a few books and studies she's read about how the American diet has too much protein and the link to Cancer. I should also mention that my nutritionist is against adding too much protein...we just don't need it, she says.

I am very sensitive to what I put into my body. I can't take many medications because I will experience most of the side effects. I won't even read the side effects of any med I need to take. I give the pamphlet to my husband telling him to read it and hide it. Then when I'm feeling "funny" I tell him what's happening and he'll say "yup, it's a side effect. Should go away."

That all being said, I know how I feel when I have too much protein - like crap!  There. I said it. No other way to put it really. So I go with what my body tells me. I will, on occasion, have a protein shake. It's not part of my daily routine though. I've chosen one that is "all natural" there aren't any artificial chemicals in it. I'll have one when my muscles are feeling fatigued. It does seem to help (even if it's just in my head).

I am not saying either philosophy is right or wrong. I am saying though that I listen to my body and go with how I feel while taking in any nutrient, really.

What are yours thoughts on the use of protein for weight loss and/or your workouts?

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