Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Changing of the guards

 I treated myself to a facial last night for my first reward along this journey. The reward was for hitting 25 pounds lost. I meant to bring along my camera so I could use my own picture, but you get the idea.  I plan on making the facial a regular thing. I told her I'd see her in 25 pounds!

And back to business....

Unfortunately, I needed to change personal trainers. It's a decision I struggled with all last week but ultimately decided it needed to be done. It's mostly a cost issue. There are other smaller issues that ultimately led me to the decision but it really comes down to money (doesn't it always).
Part of my issue is having a sitter available to watch my son(s). I do have a great support system, but find it difficult to always have to count on someone else to take time out of their day to help me out.  I just don't want a confrontation.

I worked out with my new trainer in the "new" gym on Saturday. I told her what I was used to and she worked around that, adding a little of her own flair to the mix. I went back in for a workout yesterday while trying out the nursery for my little guy. He did OK at the drop-off. Didn't seem to mind that I was leaving him with a room-full of toys. However, I did get called back up to the nursery after about 15 minutes. He was banging his head on the floor and throwing stuff. When I walked in the room, he looked all pathetic with the lower lip pout. My poor little baby.  (I'm sure going to miss these times!)

I thought I would head in today with my older son in tow to help the nursery out with the little one. I was originally scheduled for a 30 minute personal training session but was called to say they could take me for 60 minutes now as there was a cancelation. Bonus!  I so need a big workout!  The nursery will have to wait for my boys - they will stay home with my father so I can get a full workout in.

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