Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a slacker!

With the blogging thing anyway.

It's been a long, slow week. Just finishing up the school year with my eldest and am ready for the summer schedule to start. Other than that, it's been a boring week.

The best I have for today is a check-in to see how I'm doing for my weekly goals.

The plan for the rest of the week is as follows:
Tomorrow I'm going to walk outside for my cardio. I was originally planning on going to the gym with the kids in tow so my littlest guy could get used to being in the nursery, but the weather is supposed to change drastically later in the week. I think tomorrow is going to be the only viable day for an outside gig. Big Check here. My heart rate was through the roof!  

Wednesday will be a personal training session. Need to talk to my father about watching the boys a little earlier than usual so I can get that 20-30 mins of cardio in before the training session. Check for the training part. I stupidly left my water bottle at home and had to turn back to get it. That ate up a good portion of my pre-workout workout time. 

Thursday and Friday is still up for discussion with Dorothy (my new trainer). She is going to work on getting some workout instructions ready for me. Dorothy did get me my workout instructions. I'm really excited about it. Not sure what'll happen with the gym today though. It's going to be another stormy night. I'll probably end up just popping in a workout DVD. 

All-in-all not a bad week thus far. 
Tomorrow is WI day - I hope to see a loss this week! 

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