Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making a change

I'm giving myself a pat-on-the-back. It reached in the upper 90's today with the humidity being through the roof. Today was in a word, oppressive. I could have taken the easy road and not worked out using the heat as an excuse. I didn't though. I knew if I didn't get at least a cardio workout in I would feel like garbage tomorrow. I was already starting to feel that way today. I walked outside tonight - did 1.7 (ish) miles and completed the workout with a little lower body exercise.

I also had a talk with myself this afternoon and again while I was on my walk.  I decided that something has to change. I can't keep walking through these weeks with such little progress. I'm starting to get discouraged, thus am starting to let my old habits creep on in. I can't let that happen. I feel too good to let that happen. I need to remind myself that I am doing this not only for the health reasons of possible heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes...but also I may need chemo one day. I need to be in the best fighting condition I can be IF that ever comes to fruition.

SO, I am vowing right here and now to knock-it-off. I've started to slip this last week and it stops NOW! I am going back to giving up my soda. Such a HORRIBLE habit. I do notice when I drink the soda that I want to eat more. I gave it up because I didn't want all the chemicals and here I am drinking it anyway. No more!  I am also going to get back into the habit of planning my meals. Tsk, tsk to me.

I would like to note that my bone pain has been something terrible as of late. It's been constant and just about daily. I'm noting it here because I am wondering if the soda is playing a role?  I haven't had this much pain (it's more like a nagging ache, I'm not in agony, just annoying) in a very long time. Curious to see what happens when I get rid of the chemicals.


  1. When I totally gave up aspartame and caffeine briefly, my anxiety levels plummeted - it was awesome. I think those chemicals do all sorts of nasty stuff. You can regroup and do this!

  2. Thanks Ellen! I did it once and felt all the better for it. Just have to do it again - permanently!!! :D