Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 15 Weigh In

A day late and a dollar short but here I am...

Down .3
Total 32

Gotta love this trend. I can say that I feel like I've lost more this week. I'm noticing clothes feel a little looser. I woke up yesterday and today with swollen fingers. Need to push the water to see if I can't get some action on this scale.

I need to change things up a bit.
My trainer has intensified my workouts.
I'm not certain that I'm eating enough. I'm going to try adding a few calories to see what happens with this scale stuff.

I also have to admit that I've had one day a week in the last 2 where eating hasn't been the best. BBQ's are killing me. I won't have another BBQ to go to for 2 weeks. Best get planning for that one ahead of time so I don't go overboard like I did today.  Guess who'll be working out tomorrow?  

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