Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Note to self

My thoughts and I had a long chat at the gym last night. We talked about all this stalling I'm doing this week. Call it TOM, call it afraid of breaking though, call it excuses...whatever it is here I am trying to figure out how to get my head back in the game. And that's just what it is, a head game. I truly believe a lot of this process is about getting the mind into it.

While I was on the elliptical, I found myself working harder and harder at every turn talking things up about getting things going. I am just a short way from hitting a major milestone for myself. Actually, I am just a short way away from hitting two major milestones. This is the big time. I can't let myself get lax here right now.

So, I worked really hard last night in the gym. I got my cortisone shot this morning in my left foot. Plantar Fasciitis will be at bay at least for a few months on the left side. I found out I can have another shot on the right. I'm holding off on that until I start physical therapy next week. When my feet feel better, there will be nothing that can hold me back. I plan on being as close to my wedding weight on my 10th anniversary in October. That is almost 50 pounds. I realize I won't be 50 pounds lighter in 3 months, but if I can get a little more than half-way there I will be more than happy!

The short term plan is to get my feet in order. Forhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif this week I did a personal training on Monday, did my own workout last night and will be heading in for a bike ride tonight. Tomorrow is a rest day followed by personal training on Friday. There is also a 5K in Boston next week with Lose It!...I'm hoping my feet will be better and I can participate. I think the short term plan looks good.

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  1. I think it's great that you've set goals and that you're focusing on trying to stay on task. Short, achievable goals are the best way to keep you focused and motivated.
    Good luck!!!