Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lose It! 5K

Yesterday was the Lose It! 5K in Boston. The starting time was high noon. Of course the hubs and I were running a little late getting out of the house but should have had plenty of time getting into Boston on time. We forgot about the construction near the city. Great.

Anyway, we pull into the parking garage a few minuets before noon and hoof it out to the starting point. We get out there to see a small group of people walking toward us and realize it's the group of 5K goers. I was thinking we'd have to register and there would be more people...nope...just a small group. Now they are a good block ahead of us. No biggie. I can catch up. So off we go.

We're high on their tail but end up losing then because of a light. We finally get to cross, climb a big hill (gotta love all the hills in Boston)! My heart rate monitor was beeping like mad. I was walking really fast trying to catch up. I usually slow down a bit on the hills so I don't kill myself trying to climb, but I didn't. I needed to catch up. Alas, we get to the top of the hill, turn the corner and see them standing at the next light. Great! Can catch them now. But wait. My legs are now rubber. Cannot jog to catch up. We miss the light. It's OK though, the lactic acid will dissipate and we'll get 'em at the next light.

Coming up to the next block and we see the first "interesting" person. I am not trying to be disrespectful at all, just telling a story as I saw it. I realize people have's a whole other discussion for another time. Or not. Anyway, this man is on the sidewalk screaming at people. Calling them names. He clearly had an issue. His back was to me, and then I passed him. Now it's my turn for the name calling. "BOY! You are BIG!" is all I heard. Over and over. I just kept on keeping on. I know I am big, but I am fit.  And the man clearly had issues.

Anyway, we reach the next light and lose the group. Not sure if they went straight or left. Can't see them either way. Stupid lights. Now we're irritated but decide that we are there for fitness so we'll keep on going. We pass a few other "interesting" people, like the man who was panhandling and called my husband names because he wouldn't fork over some cash. Ummm, dude? You're wearing a Patriots Jersey AND smoking a you know how much all that costs? So not feeling for you at this moment in time, and screaming at us isn't going to make us feel any worse off for you. (Again, I mean no disrespect. I KNOW people are struggling. There are better ways of getting help...)

So we're heading around this corner at a great pace and who do we see stopped having a break at the next light? Yup! That's them! We start high-tailing it over so we could at least finish up the walk with them. As we're stepping up, they start walking again. Great timing. We finished the walk with one of the guys who works at Lose It! Got a lot of great information about the app. and gave some input into what we like, don't like, would like to improve. That sort of thing.

How'd it go? Well, my time according to my fitness watch was 1:02:42. My last time was 1:01:47. I am going to go ahead and call this go around a success. Even with all the lights, my time was only a minute more. My thought is I could shave off about 5 minutes for all the stops we had to make while waiting for a light to change. Not. too. shabby.

After the walk, the Lose It! group gave us lunch and had a giveaway. I won a copy of their book. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.

My overall thoughts on the walk:
1. I wish it were earlier in the day. The heat/humidity was a bit overwhelming.

2. It still was a very challenging walk. Partly due to the roads we were walking and the heat.

My personal feelings:
3. I was frustrated with my legs. I kept getting a weak feeling in them. It wasn't like a true lactic acid build-up. It felt more like a tickle. Hard to explain. Just a very strange feeling.

4. I was also a bit frustrated because my heart monitor kept beeping at me. I was over the 90% threshold a number of times. I understood it at the beginning on that first hill, but the rest of the time I should have been in the 80% range. When I hit the 90's I didn't feel like I was at that level. I was still able to speak without feeling like I was running out of breath. Not sure what to make of it.

5. After my last 5K in May, I couldn't walk for the rest of the day. The cortisone shot last week coupled with my Strassburg Sock has really helped with the plantar faciitous.

6. This is probably my favorite part. I realized I am fit. My husband is usually fine or nearly fine after doing a lot of activity. He was "hurting" a lot more than I was yesterday. And even today!

Can't wait to do another one!