Sunday, May 22, 2011

5K! Done.

Today was the Weight Watchers Walk-!t 5K challenge.

My time: 01:01:47
(although, I did start my watch a little before the actual starting line and stopped it a bit after the finish line. Still, not too shabby)

This was truly a walking 5K. There were a few runners (of course) but the majority of the crowd walked. The route followed the local bike-path which was converted from an old railway. I've never walked on the bike-path but will soon get myself and the kids on there again. So peaceful.

Anyway, I walked with a three of my friends. I was supposed to anyway. Yes, we all showed up. I decided though that I really needed to break free from the crowds in order to get my heart rate up. Putting all these people onto the bike path made for a slow start. Once I started walking though, I was able to weave in and out of the masses to get a good pace going for myself. I did feel bad for not walking with my friends though. I think they understood that at this point I need to take care of myself and do what I needed to do to get my calories burning (all 1013 of them).

The first mile was a little rough. It was a bit chilly this morning, although I did welcome the overcast and the chill...I don't do well with exercise in the heat! There were also a lot of allergens in the air. I carried my eye drops, my inhaler and was happy I popped some Claritin before hopping on the trail!  (note: I did not need my inhaler. I typically don't and usually wouldn't carry it. Thought I should today with the allergens floating around). First mile time was approximately 21 minutes.

Mile two went a little quicker at just under 20 minutes. It felt like forever though. The route had a "turn around" point somewhere ahead. The runners and faster-walkers were already making the return while cheering "you're almost there!".  Once the turn round happened, I knew the second mile marker wasn't too far away. Once I saw it, I picked up my pace a bit so I would break my first mile time of 21 minutes. And I did it.  *I have a little story to tell about what happened after the turnaround....stay tuned... 

I kept the pace for mile three. My upper thighs were starting to hurt a bit (was a good hurt - just to let me know I was working them), but I wasn't about to give up. I was so pleased with my pace and how far I've come already. Wasn't about to slow it down at that point. Nope. I kept my pace, found some people to chat with and brought it all the way back. I was so pleased with myself for not only completing the 5K, but for not being last. (Although being last would have been OK - just as long as I had finished.)

So, back to the turn-around...Now I am on the way back and at some point see my girl friends. I cheered them on, told them the turn around is just up ahead and I'd see them at the finish line. One wise cracked that I should warm the car up when I got back. Anyway, I cheer them on then I hear a man behind me say "now, who would-a thought THAT would have happened". I took the comment to mean my being in front of my group. Should have been the other way around, right? Maybe. And honestly, probably. I've walked the neighborhood with the girls before - have had a rough-go of keeping up with them. They made a decision early on that it was going to be an easy walk for them- you know, relaxing time without the kids for the morning. I, on the other hand, wanted to really bring. it. on. It was my decision to do so. Wasn't about to let one man's comment tear my down for the day.   I just smiled and picked up the pace. Whatever dude.

My feet aren't doing so well. I am paying the piper, as they say. The plantar faciitious is bad right now. I had to use a tall laundry basket as a walker just to make it down the hallway. It's all good though. I'll call tomorrow morning to make the physical therapy appointment I should have made 2 weeks ago. Sigh.

What a great walk. I'll do more. Next time I'll beat my time and may even take a stab at a light jog.

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