Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 9 Weigh In

I've been waiting for this to happen...
Zero this week.

This is why I get frustrated. I'll work so hard to have a zero or even sometimes a gain. I'm trying so hard not to be frustrated right now. It's just one weigh in. The rest have been around 3 pounds a piece. The thing I am a tad irritated with is that I had a great loss the week after having bronchitis (wasn't able to hit the gym that week) and was OK after the last TOM. This week I am coming off a week with TOM. I've also started "the pill".  Although they say it's an old-wives tale that it causes weight gain, I can't help but wonder if it played a role in my zero.

No matter though. I am brushing myself off and plan on working extra hard this coming week.

Speaking of this coming week, I have my 5K on Sunday. I've been unable to train with all the rain (sorry, didn't mean to be a poet ;-)). Hopefully my feet will cooperate and not cause me too much trouble. Keep your fingers crossed it won't rain Sunday morning!


  1. good luck w/ your 5K. don't let the scale get you down. maybe next week it'll surprise you!

  2. Thanks Julie! I certainly hope so!