Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad feet

While working out in the gym yesterday, Edmund had a huge grin. I of coarse asked him why he was looking at me like that. His response got me to thinking...he told me he was smiling because I was walking around the gym like it wasn't a bother. He continued to say that he's seeing such big changes in me.

I do feel the changes. I've said it before, I'll say it again...more to remind myself of these changes so I don't forget how far I really have come. I walk with my head held high. I have much more self-esteem than I did before (kind of strange for me because I've always thought of myself as having pretty decent self-esteem - there is always room for improvement). I am much stronger than I was on day one. I can do squats without having to sit between each one, I'm doing reverse crunches now (boy do they hurt!) just to name a few.

There are a few things I wish would hurry up and change though. My feet, for instance. I have plantar fasciitis. It can be painful and it downright sucks. Before starting the gym, I only had it in my right foot. Now it's in both feet. I have to ice most nights and stretch all day.

I can hardly wait to enjoy playing in the backyard with the kids. I am able to keep up with them a little more than I was able to on day one, however my feet hurt so much I'm forced to sit quite a bit more than I would like. I was thinking about that today while chasing my little guy on his "quad"...about what Edmund had said earlier in the day about my walking around the gym like it wasn't an issue. Wish it was the same for my backyard. If only the lawn was self leveling and was without tree roots and little divots from various animals and such. The reality though is that it will take time for my feet and the rest of me to feel more comfortable walking on unstable ground. Until then I'll just have to muddle through and enjoy every moment I can while playing with the kids.

Walking on pavement is another story. I have a 5K coming up. Zero training for it has happened. Partly due to circumstances beyond my control and partly because I've been focused more on the training that happens in the gym.

I did hit the pavement this morning. (The gym was closed - I was forced to take it to the road) I had a rough time of it too. My feet hurt, my legs hurt and I felt like I was sucking wind a little more than I should be. I did check my heart monitor- I was right where I should be. I just couldn't believe how horrible it felt. I've walked this route many times in the past and have done OK with it. It's been a while though, guess I am a little farther behind the "8-ball" than I thought.

It's all OK though. I know in good time my feet with relax themselves and will hurt less. I realize that I have work to do on the pavement but I know with a little time and effort on my part, the rest will come easily.

Happy Walking.

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