Saturday, May 7, 2011

A walk in the park

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

As you may have noted, one of the many things I enjoy is scrapbooking. (Thus the name of my blog). Anyway, today is National Scrapbooking Day. There are always fun things going on in the scrappers world. For instance, today I've participated in a few blog hops, some online chatter and finished up a few lingering layouts that have been haunting me for quite sometime now.

The gracious people over at Bella Blvd.  are having a give-away. If you're a scrapper, go check out the blog to see what fun they are having over there today. If you're not a scrapper, maybe you should give it a try. ;-)

Now, back to business...

Today we went over to the park for some walking and playground fun. I would love to say I played on the playground while the kids and husband walked, but it was really the other way around.

This is a view of the pond from the walking trail...

I decided one time around was just not enough so I went for another lap. When I got to the end of the pond there is a bridge that takes you back over the pond and out of the park or you can keep heading straight up the hill...
This is the hill...doesn't look too scary in the picture (OK, it's not that scary - it's just a little longer and steeper than what I am probably really ready for, but I tackled it just the same...twice even!). It would have been so much easier to take the right turn over the bridge and head back to the playground to get the kids. But I told my legs to shut-it and kept on going...
This is where my heart rate was at the top of the hill. Can't see it too clearly but it's reading at 90%. That's not such a good thing, but a few deep breaths and some baby steps got the rate back down in no time at all.
Why did I push myself to do two laps?  Well, the first lap was completed in approximatly 20 minutes. That's not enough cardio to keep me through the day so I needed to go for the second lap. To add to that, I do have the 5K coming up. I'm not so sure I'm going to be able to complete the 5K. I have hardly prepared for pounding the pavement with the bronchitis I had last week and the plantar faciitis it's just all setbacks for the prepwork.

My feet didn't bother me at all during the walk. This afternoon though, is another story. I can hardly walk. I have my tennis ball and ice at the ready to work out the knots that are now in my feet.

Hopefully I won't be hurting too much tomorrow so I'll be able to pound-the-pavement again!

Btw...I burned 548 calories on my walk today. Not too shabby.


  1. Woo hoo Jenn!! I have so much admiration for you working your butt off (literally) with a trainer and pushing your limits. AWESOME!

    (It's Jess BTW)