Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What month is it?

I'm still here. Haven't felt like talking about much of anything. This weather has put a damper on my mood. It feels more like March rather than May here in New England!  It's a little warmer out this afternoon than it was this morning, but the sun is still hiding and plans on doing so for the rest of the week with the weekend looking like a rain-out. I know, I know, it could be worst.

Yesterday was a huge success in the gym! I worked with Edmund who will mainly be doing lower body workouts with me while I do upper on my own. He's really worried about me blowing a knee. That's all I'd need. So, he wants to make sure he has a careful eye on me while I'm working the legs.

Back to yesterday - he put me on a machine to work the thighs. "Let's see if you can do this," he said. Sure enough, it wasn't a problem!  When I was done with my 4 sets on the machine he giggled and said "Oh, it's on now! The fact you can do these exercises means we're going to see everything start to melt off!"

Doesn't that just sound divine? I think so.  He went on to explain that when you're working your larger muscle groups in this particular way (a$$ kicking!), it gets your metabolism up: turns on the old fat burner and the fun begins!  Time will tell. I'm liking the sound of it though.

As far as nutrition - my calories have been right on this week!  I could tighten things up as far as adding more veggies (couldn't we all?), but all-in-all I am pleased with myself for staying in my calorie range a bit more this week than in the past.

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