Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just hangin'

I'm still here.
My feet have recovered from Sunday's 5K.
My shins are well on their way to recovery too (have a bit of the shin splint thing acting up).

This is a rough week gym wise. My husband has to be into work earlier than usual so I'm not able to get my workouts in as I'd like. I took Monday off just to make sure my feet got the full recovery they needed. Plus the weather was lousy so it made it a lot easier not to hit-the-gym.

I was able to get into the gym for a bike ride yesterday. Really helped to pick my spirits back up. Well, that and the fact that the sun was actually shining for once!  Having the sun in my life certainly helps to keep the motivation up.

My mother graciously offered to head into work a little late this morning so I could hit-the-gym. Unfortunately it was closed. I took a little time to go for a walk. My neighbor commented to me this morning that she saw me hustling along at a good pace. Great compliment coming from her - she's a super-sonic sort of walker. Someday I will be too.

No matter, the sun is shining!  It's the best medicine for the soul.

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