Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 19 Weigh In

Staying the same this week.
I'm not surprised nor am I going to complain about it.

First, it's my pattern. I have a great week then a nothing (or close to it). Plus I've been lacking in the gym this week. My trainer is on vacation and it's been a busy week for me. I've done all of 2 workouts this week. So not like me. Then the other night we headed over to Gillette Stadium for the Patriots' Season Ticket Holder and Waiting List Member night. Needless to say I splurged on a burger. Not beating myself up about it. I stopped there. Gotta live.

The next weeks are going to be slow in the gym too. I've made the appointment for the cortisone shot. And of course my foot is feeling better! Murphy's Law, right?


  1. Don't worry too much about the number on the scale. Besides, staying the same is better than gaining! Even when you can't hit the gym, you can do little things that add a bit of extra movement during the day - like taking the stairs, parking a little further than normal/getting off public transport a bit earlier to walk a bit further to your destination, etc. And of course there's always the food angle.
    Don't be too hard on yourself - think long-term goal :)

  2. Thank you! And you are right.