Friday, January 20, 2012

Gym woes

Thursday nights are a sure thing for the gym and me. My son has tennis lessons which happen to be at my gym. While he is playing tennis, I am in the gym getting my sweat-on. Last night was no different. I dropped him off at the court and then walked into the fitness room. When I got to the door though, I almost burst into tears. All the bikes were taken. All but one lonely recumbent bike. Why would this frustrate me?  The answer is two-fold:

1. I HATE the recumbent bike. I know I am almost alone in this. My belly just gets in the way and I feel like I am going to fall out of the seat; thus putting more pressure on my feet because I squeeze them as if to get a better grip on the peddle.

2. I have to use a bike for cardio. I could swim too, but I can't use the treadmill or the elliptical. At least not right now. My feet aren't in a good spot right now with the plantar fasciitis.

I *almost* walked away. I *almost* went to sit down in a chair to sulk and watch my son play tennis. I didn't though. Wanted to, but didn't. I decided I would do five minutes on the elliptical. I ended up completing twenty. It's not that I can't do the elliptical, it's that my feet "yell" at me for it. I pushed through though and was very pleased with myself for getting on their even though I knew I was going to pay for it later. (I didn't - I did enough stretches after).

 I am going to work on doing the elliptical once a week. I forgot how much I love it!  And I didn't realize how far I have come cardiovascular wise. I usually bring the cross-ramp and the resistance down to 1 to 2. I was able to bring them both up to 4 and get a great workout in. So nice to change things up a bit and see how far I come. If only my feet would cooperate.

The gym and I were friends again this morning as well. Today I was back on the bike though. I pushed myself to peddle faster and harder by really pushing the resistance up. I really worked up a sweat - haven't done that in a while. Felt great.

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  1. Oh, the love-hate relationship with exercise. I wrote about that this week too. But down inside, I do love it.

    :-) Marion