Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On the upswing

I am feeling better today.
Not 100% myself, but am getting there.

I've been able to function today. Catching up on the house cleaning and the laundry but it's at a snails pace. The good news though is that I am not feeling overwhelmed and helpless like I have during the last few days.

I have to say this has (clearly) been the worse cycle I have had in a long, long time. I am still not 100% but hopefully I will be by the end of the week. I hate that I can just function. I have a million things to do and can't focus on just one for more than 5 seconds. I've sat down three times to write about how I'm feeling and I'm always distracted or I just feel like even this writing thing is just another huge chore to do. Ugh. I hate not being myself.

Like I said though, I am feeling much better today. I actually smiled a few times, that hasn't happened in days.


A note about my check-up from last week. My M-spike is stable (YEAH!!). I was a little concerned because I've been having this hip pain. It's a new pain. I did read somewhere though that it can be a symptom associated with PMDD. Something I will have to ask the DR about when I have my meeting about getting on an anti-depressant later this week.

And as far as the weight goes? Miraculously I am holding steady. Not so sure how that is happening. Truth be told, there has been an awful lot of binge eating going on these days. It's slowing down (thankfully) though as I am feeling better.

Hopefully I will see more sunshine tomorrow!

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