Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Check-in

I love(d) this weekend!
Yesterday I got to hang out with a few of my scrapbooking girl friends. We all met at my house and had some fun catching up while getting our "scrap on".

Today was a low-key kind of day.  I took my eldest to church and then we caught up on some homework and hung out. My little guy seems to be coming down with something so that should make for an interesting start to the week. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

When I get together with the girls (or anyone, for that matter), the stress about what-to-eat gets to me. I thought long and hard about how I was going to approach the day.  The plan was to get up in the morning and hop on the treadmill. That plan was quickly derailed by the millions of other things the kids had planned for me. Time quickly got away from me so I had to come up with another plan for keeping my calories in check.

We took the kids out to lunch before my girlfriends arrived. My elsdest had his first reconciliation (confession) yesterday so we thought we'd let him choose something special for lunch. His favorite treat is ribs.  We headed off to Chili's and I was able to keep the calories reasonable by ordering a cup of Chicken Enchilada Soup and a side salad.  They also ordered a skillet queso (one of my all time favorites!). I was able to stick to a small handful of chips and went easy with the queso.  Could have been very bad but according to MyFitnessPal I was around 650. I know it's a lot for one meal but it could have been a lot worse.

For dinner, everyone wanted to order out. Burgers were on the mind.  I decided to have a lean cuisine and took a few fries and a small bite of my husband's burger. Again, I could have said "oh screw it" and had the whole burger and a crapton of fries, but I didn't. I had just a taste of both and that was enough to satisfy me.

I ended up over calories by nearly 150 yesterday and it seems I'll be that way again today. I'm not sure if I'm fighting something too or what but I'm feeling very hungry today.  That typically happens when I'm over-tired so that's probably (I hope) all that it is.

Correction to the above statement. I was nearly up by 150 calories but as I typed that I realized I could do something abou it and hopped on the treadmill. I burned nearly 400 calories and feel great.


  1. Wow, you conquered Chips and Queso at Chilis, that is super tough, they make the best. And Double Wow, for not going crazy with Ribs on the table, I wouldn't stand a chance with that meal

    1. I actually thought of you while I was talking about that! Trust me, it was difficult but I find if I remind my self that it's better to have just a taste, I'm usually OK with that.

  2. Social engagements and celebrations are quite a challenge for me as well. It's just something you have to keep working at. Well done for getting in a workout :)