Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Begin Week 2

Had a difficult (stressful) night last night.  There is much drama going on with my son at school. I don't want to get into specifics but will just say that there have been many arguments between him and one of his "friends". They have been on a rocky road for months and it really came to a head last night.  I'm done with his school. I'm done with his grade level. I'm done. Done. Done. It's been a long year and we just keep reminding ourselves that they just have 5 more days left of school.

Deep breaths.

I found myself looking for food to comfort the stress.  A few times I stopped myself dead in my tracks.  Others I didn't.  The good news though is that I got in a great workout tonight and only ended up slightly over on my calories for the day.  If I'm really careful, I should be able to make it up in the days to come. Getting back into the positive talk and not turning to food for solace is a difficult. However I did it once, I can certainly do it again! 

My focus for the coming week is going to be with drinking my water and getting in a few workouts. I have an exciting workout to tell you about but will do that in an upcoming post. :) 

Going on vacation next week which will be filled with eating out so must do really well this week so next week won't hurt too much.  The good thing about the summer is it's too hot to eat too much.  So long as I can keep my head from getting me into trouble, I'll be all set to go. 

I have to keep the eye on the prize! 
"Only" 26.2 left to go to be where I was last May. 

162 days to Disney. 

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