Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Better than yesterday

A much better day today. Don't get me wrong, yesterday wasn't bad...today was just better. I wanted to crack around 3:00. I wasn't sure I was going to make it any further without binging but I pushed through it and am on the other end feeling good about myself.

My next task is to get to the book store to purchase a hard copy of Chris Powell's book.  I've read it (a few times) on my kindle but there is something about having a hard copy on hand to thumb through when I have questions.  When I'm not feeling better (I have a summer cold), I will talk more about this plan.  I know some may be concerned about the 'giving up' of carbs.  That's not what carb cycling is about. Not in the least.  Yes, there are days when you have less carbs than others, but in no way can I never have a piece of pizza should I want one.  Honestly, I don't think this is a full life-time solution. That is OK. I have a few reasons for giving this a try which I will discuss within the next few weeks.

Wins for today:
Pushed through the 3:00 desire to go on the "oh, screw it diet"
Drank even more water than yesterday. Still not at where I want to be, but getting there. My bladder is yelling at me.

Things that could go better:
Still need better planning for the mid-afternoon blahs.
Soda needs to go away. I had 3 today which is more than yesterday but still less than the day before that.  The soda helped get me through the thought to binge so I suppose it's a win.  Sigh.

Until tomorrow....

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