Thursday, July 10, 2014

Too much negativity

Just shaking my head today.

The negativity in this world is getting out of control.

Everywhere you turn, someone has something nasty to say. It's not enough just to have just an opinion about something. No!  People seem to have to take it to the next level by throwing insults and or just being over-the-top nasty.
Is there a need?
What purpose does that serve?
As far as I'm concerned, there is no need for it!  State your opinion; move on.  No need to be nasty.

It's funny how things seem to happen in clusters like that.  I belong to a few Facebook groups and the other day the admin of one of them posted this rant about all the negativity. Reading through the hundreds of comments, I noticed people saying that they have seen lots of drama during that particular day on other pages they belonged to.  Reading further pages and blogs I also noticed the negativity. Made me sad.

Then today I pop over to see where Josh from is at. He hasn't posted in a while and it's not like him. Reading through the comments made me a little angry. I'm not sure why people feel like he owes them anything.  He's just a guy on a journey.  He's put himself out there for whatever reason and now he's not there.  I hope and pray that he is OK. I hope that he has computer troubles or is just not in the head space he needs to be in to come check in. Goodness knows that I've been there.  I think many of us have been. He (nor does anyone else) doesn't owe anyone anything.  I hope the positive comments out shine the negative ones when he does return.

Josh, wherever you are, I hope you are OK.

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