Monday, July 14, 2014

Little Bumps

Was rear-ended today.
Not bad.
Just a little bump.

Went through the drive thru.  The guy behind me was more worried about getting his garbage out of his car than he was about the vehicle in front of him. I hate the feeling you get when you've been rear ended.  This was the third or fourth time that something like that has happened to me.  Usually it's some Joe not paying any attention to what he's doing and BAM! I get it.  Luckily, nothing was damaged.  It really was just a little tap on the rear end (hey now!).

What irritated me about the whole thing was when I pulled over into a parking spot to check to make sure there wasn't any damage, he came barreling at me with his truck and said "ah, I just bumped you a bit, you'll be OK. I was looking for trash in my car."  Really?  How about "Gee, I am really sorry!  I hope everyone is OK.  Doesn't look like any damage but here is my info..."  That's how these things should work.  Like I said, I am happy the kids and I are not hurt and there is no apparent damage to the car.  Just wish people would act as if they are sorry.

Either way, Dude, I forgive you. It was an accident.  Next time though, ask if the person is alright or, at the very least, say "I'm sorry".

All that aside, today is my guilt free day portion of the week. For some reason, I am just not feeling very well today. I have the shakes and am very tired.  So tired, I can hardly stay awake.  Not sure what that is all about but I 'm done with it. Been trying to push some water, wondering if there may be a bit of dehydration going on?  There was one point earlier when I felt as if I was going to pass out.  Luckily that has since passed.

My guilt free day wasn't too bad. Started the day off super healthy. Tried to have a healthy dinner but the salad I made the other day went bad.  Ended up having something with more calories that I would have liked but at the end of the day, it wasn't all that bad.

Tomorrow is the start of week 2 of carb cycling.
I lost 3.7 pounds this first week.
Have 13.4 to go to hit my first mini-goal.

The things I need to work on this week:

Dropping the caffeine (AKA soda).  By the end of next week, I would like to be 100% off of it. Weaning. I'm not quitting cold turkey because if I did, I would be on the news. Seriously though, for right now, it's helping me get through on the lower carb days.

Move!  I've been sedentary for the last two weeks. I feel it when I just walk across a parking lot.  Not good for business.  Summer is killing me with the relaxing. Next week is going to be busy (at camp with the boy) so I need to do something this week so I won't be dead next.

Water!  Getting there.  I've been drinking some every day which is huge for me.

I think that's a good start for this week.  I'll adjust as things progress.


  1. Glad the accident wasn't serious and you guys weren't hurt. Sounds like you've got a good plan in place! Good luck :)

  2. The driver of the car that bumped into yours was pretty rude, Jenn. The least he could've done was apologize. I get that it was an accident, but if he were to be any more distracted than that, things could've gotten way worse. I hope he at least learned a lesson or two. Thanks for sharing!

    Stephanie Waters @ Chastaine Law

  3. An extra caution seems like necessary when driving close next to another vehicle. Good thing nobody got hurt or damaged. What’s annoying is the guy didn’t even apologize for bumping into you. But yeah, it was an accident and you’re quite a nice person to let it go. Cheers!

    Leticia Holt @ KHunter Law