Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fun in the sun

Today was a picture perfect day.  Wasn't too hot yet was hot enough for a swim should you care to do so. There was a perfect summer breeze and not a cloud in the sky.  Like I said, picture perfect.  I was outside for a few hours this afternoon helping at my son's school - it was his field day.  The kids seemed to have a blast and I am certainly worn out.  Even though it wasn't over-the-top hot, it was still warm enough to wear me out.  I'm afraid I am getting old - I just can't take the heat any more.

I had a flashback to elementary school at one point today.  My kids go to school in the same school I went to as a kid (my son even had my first grade teacher when he was in first grade!).  Anyway, I was walking the field and rounded the corner at the end of the tennis courts when this moment flashed before me.  I recalled the times we would have to run the mile - 4 times around the perimeter of the tennis courts. The thought of running that stupid thing made me chuckle a bit.  I hated running back then!  I can still feel my lungs burning and my legs feeling like they were going to fall off. Maybe one of these days I should challenge myself to a little run around there again.  Will have to keep that in mind for when I'm back in a little better shape.

The school year is finally wrapping up. Only 3 more days and they will be done!  Better get planning the fun around the summer camps.  Honestly, I can't wait to not have a routine for a little bit. Truth be told, I'm already in summer mode and happy to be here.

Eating was great today.  I certainly made up for the few extra calories from yesterday.  When I'm hot, I just don't want to eat. Not always a bad thing.  I will force myself so I don't get sick, but it's easier to make healthier choices when you're hot.  One of the reasons I love summer.

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