Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gearing up for winter

I can't believe that word just crossed through my mouth (or fingertips)! I detest winter! Seriously, I do. I don't like being cold. I hate having to go outside when it is bitter out with winds that take your breath away (literally). And forget about snow. I think snow should only be allowed during the week of Christmas just to fit the season.

The only positive thing in winter is hot cocoa. Other than that, you can have it. I would move someplace sunny and warm for most of the year but I would miss the change of seasons and I would miss the fam. So, until the fam wants to move from January through March, I am stuck here to endure the long, cold winter months.

Why am I bringing all this up before Halloween? Because I am freezing. It's not quite time to turn on the heat, so layering it is. My finger tips and toes are screaming right now! I have a glove on my left hand while my right is free to poke the keyboard on my iPhone. (times like these I wish I had an iPad). Anyway, here we are not even at the halfway point through October and my Raynaud's is acting up. So much worse than last year! Much worse. I am debating picking up some heated gloves so I don't overdose on hot tea.

And speaking of Halloween, do you dress up? We have been invited to an adult party. I want hubs to dress up as a woman. I think it would be funny because he is a big guy with a hairy chest. Not feminine at all. He's not falling for it. I am at a loss on what to be. Any thoughts?

I honestly thought things would be better with all my added exercise. Raynaud's is related to a circulation problem -amount other things. My circulation must be better with all this exercise. I guess it really doesn't matter. And my Raynaud's is related to my diagnosis. It's how my MGUS was found in the first place. I guess I just had wishful thinking. I see many heating pads in my immediate future.


  1. I love Halloween! But my hubby doesn't dress up, either. One year, I took socks & dryer sheets and pinned them all over his regular clothes. He went as static cling. At least he was original!

  2. I love that idea Lisa! Inexpensive and creative!