Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 31

I lost the pound I gained last week.

I made a decision. I am hiding the scale until Thanksgiving. I am just going to work on making better choices and hitting the gym and worrying less about what the scale has to say. I think I am mentally tied to hitting that 50 pound mark and am just moving so slow.

It all stops now....well, I have to get through tomorrow's Halloween party, then I will be all set to rock-n-roll. I'm already having a hard time. I baked cupcakes and have already had one. That on top of the muffins I made this morning, I have a stomach ache. I just cannot have this stuff in the house. I'll be chewing a lot of gum to get through today and tomorrow.

I do plan on working out this afternoon. I have to. There will be no time to tomorrow.

What are your weekend plans? How are you getting through Halloween?

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