Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I feel like I've been doing nothing but running around all over town today. I started my day with a visit to my therapist (to borrow from a friend's phrase, my "paid friend"). I had postpartum depression with my first son and have just kept seeing her. Anyway, we chatted a lot today about the next chapter for me. I was telling her how I feel like I am in some sort of a rut. Sure, the weight is coming off, but I am just going through the motions. I know I could be doing so much better if I tightened things up with my eating. I guess I am feeling really bored with the gym so I take more liberties with the food. I have to get my head completely back into the game so my weight loss can come a little smoother in the weeks/months to come.

We chatted about how maybe it's [almost] time to close the book on the first 50 pounds and start fresh. I've actually been thinking about that a lot as of late. 50 pounds is a lot of weigh. For me though, it's just about a quarter of what I have to lose. A large mountain to climb. It's almost discouraging to think that I am only a quarter of the way to where I need to be. So, when I hit the 50 pound mark I am closing that chapter and am starting fresh. Onto the next 50. I will keep a total on the side of my blog, but from 51 on it's going to read like I am starting from the beginning.

My next appointment today was with the orthopedist. Turns out I have tendonitis or bursitis. Either way he said I can go back to the gym to continue with my upper body workouts. He said to keep the weights light. Can't do chest flies or anything using the cables. He did say I could do the bench press (which is where the pain first came on), but to not extend my arm all the way and to keep the weights light. He also offered a cortisone shot which I respectfully declined. I think I've had enough of those!  He did say that I will be really sore after starting up again but it should settle down. I go back in six weeks for a follow up.

I did do an upper body workout today. The bench press is right out for me. My arm was in all kinds of discomfort. I used very light weights with everything else I did (about 50% less of what I was used to). I am feeling pretty good as of now. Hopefully this is just what I needed to get my head back in the game 100%.

And onto my final appointment; Physical Therapy.  I am happy to report that I only have one last session. I'm at about a 90% improvement rate from when I first started. I just have to keep up with my stretches and icing and should be pretty good going forward. Yes, my feet are still going to give me some pain. Yes, I am going to be frustrated some days. So long as most days are pain free, all will be right with the world.

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